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Our teachers are highly qualified people, often with years of experience in teaching English as a foreign language. Far from ignoring or diminishing their skills, Direct English invites them to rise to the challenge of truly creative work - the sort of thing they are often prevented from doing in the conventional classroom because so much of their time is devoted to mundane matters like making sure you use the right parts of irregular verbs.

Direct English / Linguaphone is a global chain of English Language Schools providing courses in conversational English. Direct English Morocco are seeking teachers. If you are a good communicator with teaching qualifications and experience, with unwavering commitment to training and has a proven track record in teaching, then come and talk to us.

As a teacher you will need to be able to deal with a wide variety of customer needs and cope well under pressure. Most importantly, you will demonstrate an enthusiasm and energy, along with the determination to succeed in a competitive environment.
What can we offer you?

An interesting and challenging working environment.
Ongoing training and assessments.
Competitive salary.
Excellent long-term prospects.
The benefits of working within a small and friendly team environment

If you are able to meet the challenge send your CV with your expected salary to Dr. Debra Carter

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