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Master the skills of the English Language with

IELTS is the world’s proven English exam. Taking the IELTS exam will open the door for you to travel, international study and international jobs.

Direct English School IELTS Preparation Course offers comprehensive preparation and practice that will allow you to take the IELTS exam with confidence

We will focus on all four skills of writing, reading, listening and speaking.
We will go over Exam technique and strategy
You will have plenty of Exam practice using test papers under real conditions
We will work with you until your ready

Direct English School helps you develop all the required skills that you need to pass the IELTS Exam, by providing specialized teachers who can help you in step by step learning.

Take the free placement test today and we will get in touch to arrange a meeting to talk about your needs.
Courses Available

Flexible 10 week course, 30 hours
Intensive 2 week course, 15 hours
Course Dates

11th November -20th November
25th November – 4th December

17th September – 19th November
1st October – 3rd December

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