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Better Speaking is all about how you can become a fluent, confident speaker of English. Our spoken English classes in Morocco are delivered by the qualified native English speaking instructor, this fun, interactive sessions focus on practicing and expressing yourself in English, in a communicative way. You'll find yourself discussing everything from life and art to business and travel with students of a similar level and ability. And all with the help of a supportive tutor who actively encourages you to put your new-found skills to the test in a fun and sociable environment.

We are also able to schedule a range of social activities, always conducted in English, so that students are able to have fun and enjoy the language in “real-life” situations with teachers taking part and encouraging group and individual participation. Some examples of activities that many of our students find beneficial are activities such as the speech competition day; poetry day, writing competition and all Direct English winners receive prizes to indicate their level of achievement. We also provide video sessions in our center theatre followed by group discussions and film reviews both in oral and written form.

Another great aspect of the Direct English is the Technology Based Classes (TBC) .

The Direct English CD-ROM discs are highly advanced and provide a whole variety of interactive language training. Also contained is the dialogue from textbooks to allow the students further opportunities to practice extensively what is being studied.

The student can benefit from the following facilities in the computer multimedia lab:

Presentation: A video is presented.
Practice: The student practices extensively the dialogue in the video and both content and pronunciation are emphasized.
Production: The student role-plays the content of the video by assuming the different roles presenting the dialogue.
Comprehension test: A multiple-choice test that checks the student’s level of comprehension and provides him/her a final score.

Students enjoy these classes because it gives them the chance to practice their English in a relaxed environment, where they dictate the pace of learning. The students can repeat and record their voices to check their pronunciation and finally their comprehension of the content, by answering questions for which they receive a final score.

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