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International Education and Training Solution (Privee) are forming a partnership to deliver CBP course across Morocco. The Certified Business Professional program CBP™ is an international industry credential that validates and develops the business professional through training with skills to compete in the international business world. The Certified Business Professional program’s curriculum is developed by world leaders in essential business training, the International Business Training Association, IBTA.

The CBP™ Leadership training and certification program is designed for individuals who are interested in pursuing a leading position through their career. The course provides business coaching in the essential information and skills required by professionals who have to lead a team and achieve specific organizational goals.


The International Business Training Association CBP™ Customer Service training and Certification program is aimed towards persons interested in learning the very essential basics in the field of Customer Service. The course was developed with experienced Customer Service trainers across the international business world.

The CBP™ Sales training and Certification program is geared toward any individual involved in the practice of selling products or services. In today’s business environment the selling of a product or service is dependent merely on the skill that the salesperson possesses.


The CBP™ Business Communication training and certification program is geared towards the individual looking to learn the basics of effective communication in today’s business environment. In this certification training course you will be provided the essential information and business skills required for effective verbal and non-verbal business communication.

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